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20 July 2011 @ 01:29 pm
I wish I had lots of witty, pithy things to post, but I don't really.

I've made some interesting Time-Lapse art vidoes, if anyone is interested...


I want to make some more soon. Hopefully next week, I'll find the time :P

Oh, yeah - next week. I go in for the last bit of oral surgery. Got all the bad teeth out, my bones have all healed up nicely, but there are a few spots that are not as smooth as they would like. Basically, I can get my new teeth NOW, but if I do, I'll have a lot of pain on these spots. So I go in next week so they can Grind My Bones (I love saying that, is that weird? Grind my bones! Reminds me of Eddie Izzard.. Crack Your Bones! the Chiropractor joke!) Anyway, then I spend a week eating painkillers and healing up. I'm looking at being approximately ONE month from finally having my new smile.

I just want to be able to talk properly again, and maybe eat some nuts.

Newish car is wonderful. I like driving it, I like being in it. I can't wait to go visit dad in it. Not too soon.. Mark'll never let me do that yet, but soon I hope. I'd go next week while I'm healing, but I think that's a bad idea. I need to just feel better.

It's been a hard year. Really, really hard. Hard with the job mess, wondering how that was going to work out. Hard going back to the other store, where everything was weird, and people made it really hard to find my footing again. Then I jumped headfirst into the teeth thing, thinking it would fly past, and it just keeps going on and on and on... I have only cried once. Kinda proud of that. This is probably the most I've had to say on the whole subject. Just the fear of knowing those teeth are GONE... They may have been bad, but they were THERE. Now there's NOTHING. It's scary. It's only the tops, thank goodness. I think if I'd have to do top AND bottom this would have been WAY worse.

Anyway. One of my customers at work had this done, and she finally came in and showed me her new smile. It's SO beautiful. It makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful. I want it to be that way for me... I want to look in the mirror, and cry because I have a real smile again. It's been so long, with broken front teeth, cavities.. just ugly teeth. I'm afraid I'm going to set my hopes too high, and they can never live up to it. There's another fear I can't get away from. What if they DON'T look nice? What if they're super painful or uncomfortable? Come loose all the time? UGH.

The dentist told me the high arch of the roof of my mouth should act as a natural suction cup, and hold them in place beautifully. It's been since April I've not had upper teeth.. my lower teeth feel weird, with nothing above them. Will the new ones feel huge and awful? Ugh.

So.. there ya go. TMI and IDC. :P

Oh, on the plus side (with the new car) Mark bought me a new wedding ring. He also got my old one fixed. I get to pick the old one up tomorrow. The new one is a circle of vines, with tiny diamonds in the leaves. It's super pretty, but I don't have a good picture of it yet. Nifty fact: it has 15 teeny diamonds in it, and Mark and I have been together 15 years. :) yay. I miss my amethyst, bu the vine is SO pretty.

I got new glasses right about the time I was supposed to get my new teeth, wanted to do it all at once, but oh, well, it's just taking longer.

I think that's most of the big stufff... so feel all caught up.
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So, I got to work and redid the oberon's credits reel, although I think I might redo it again and remove the candid shots at the beginning, or maybe just change the order.... we'll see.

Sallie didn't have one, so I tossed this together. They've never decided on a theme song, so I used the one I initially suggested, and I LOVE the results. The music almost seems to konw just when to shift, as the characters on the screen change.

The Oberon Credits Reel (5/3/09) from Shadesiren on Vimeo.

The Salvation Credits Reel (5/3/09) from Shadesiren on Vimeo.

comments? suggestions?

I'm certainly a noob at this video thing - these are pretty much the only real videos I've made, and they're technically just cartoon style (a string of images)
25 February 2009 @ 07:37 pm
There are some things that are bugging me. A Lot.

1) American Idol. It's absolute garbage. Glorified Karaoke, with dubious fame as the reward. Personally, I don't think I'd want to be known as the singer that got famous for winning american idol - I have no respect for those people, I can't help it. Some of them aren't even "regular people" - they're FAILED MUSICIANS. Which means, they already HAD their chance, and FAILED, why are they getting another? It's not about real talent (even if some of the people DO have it, I'm not saying they don't). It's just stupid. These people will NEVER be MY idols. Plus, they keep showing this INSTEAD of the good shows. Two weeks without Fringe?? Blow me! I love Fringe, and I'd rather watch that than stupid American Idol. Dance shows fall under this topic, too. Give A.I. it's own season and time slot, and stop showing it INSTEAD of the other shows - give me the chance to simply NOT watch it. Pre-empting a show I like for American Idol means I won't be watching your channel AT ALL so you're not helping your ratings any.

2) Secret American Pregnant Teenager or whatever the hell it's called. How is this show getting ANY ratings?? I am embarrassed to say I watch ANYTHING on a channel called "ABC Family" but the truth is, they've had two REAL gems: The Middleman (exiled to hiatus hell, where we'll never see it again), and Kyle XY. They've just canceled Kyle, and from what I read, it's because this secret pregnant chick show is getting such good ratings, (and Kyle's have fallen, something I blame on #5 below), they want to go in "a different direction, creatively" with the channel. I hate to tell them, but a show about a chick getting pregnant in high school is NOT creative. It's downright sad and depressing, and I'll NEVER watch it. FYI, ABC family, once you air the last episode of Kyle XY, I'll go back to saying "ABC Family? I dunno, I NEVER watch it. Sounds like boring churchy stuff, I'll bet." Once Kyle is over, I'm out of there. There is NOTHING else on that whole entire channel I'm the least bit interested in.

3) Seasons. Why do we need this archaic way of showing TV? In a way, it was kinda nice, to look forward to the "fall season" and know all your shows were coming back, but now? Now, half the channels have "summer seasons" and "Winter seasons" until I can't seem to keep track of what show is coming back when. Now, I have to add I DO love having a "summer season" - but only in the sense that it's nice to have something to watch during the summer. Reruns suck, and I don't watch them unless I missed an episode. It's nice to have something NEW to see. On the other hand, I think they should run new in January, run new all year long, with occasional reruns, say, during the holidays. Otherwise, run new stuff all year. Why start in fall? makes no sense - it's silly now. When I was in school, it kinda made sense, but as an adult, it's just dumb. And it's not like that anymore, so much.

4) Hiatus-es. Hiatii? How the hell do you pluralize.. nevermind - not imnportant. More important, What the hell? I'm referring here to the way certain shows go away halfway through their seasons, and come back several months later. It's like having two short seasons, instead of one long one, and it's NOT an improvement. See #5.

5) LOOOOOONG breaks. Ok, HBO, I'm mostly looking at you here. WTF? You take such long breaks between seasons, you kill off a show's viewerbase simply because they a) forget that it's coming back, and miss the next season, or b) lose interest (my husband is one of these) because it's been so long since you saw the show, you simply don't care anymore, or c) it's been so long since you saw the show, you can't REMEMBER what happened (this is more often me). If you find a show has lower ratings after a long break, all I can say is "DUH, morons!" You can't do that!! It's beyond annoying to have a show you love disappear for as much as two years between seasons! The longer you wait, the more you really shouldn't even bother making more! And this from someone who HATES seeing a show canceled. My husband nearly chose to stop watching Lost entirely, simply because it was so long between seasons, we couldn't really remember what had happened. And to make matters worse, the "review" clips show, that was supposed to be all about what had happened before (to refresh our memory) was instead the people that made the show telling us what the characters are all about, just going on and on about what they were thinking when they were writing this character or that. THey didn't talk about the actual "this is what happened" hardly at all, and annoyed my husband so badly (he hates being told how to interpret something, or what to believe or think about things). They really seemed kinda pompous, and it almost ruined my chance to continue watching (I just wanna know what the hell is going on lol).

ok.. let's see.. anything else?

Guess not.  Well, there ya go.
13 February 2009 @ 12:16 am

14 January 2009 @ 11:48 pm
Shoes. So much can be written on this subject, but I'm going to keep this short and simple, to just go over some few interesting points.

Shoes - women LOVE them, men try and pretend they don't. Ok, some men don't, but some do, and would die before admitting it, cuz it's a "chick thing". I once worked with a man that had a pair of $350 shoes. $350!?!?!? I spent that much on a brake job for my car once. That included pads, labor, and brand new rotors. I can't even imagine a pair of shoes awesome enough to spend $350 on. The worst part was they were fairly boring loafers, with the funny little tassels, and stitching that came through on the bottom - last pair of shoes I had like that, the soles wore down and the strings wore through, and the soles fell off. Yeah. I also have known guys that were obsessed with how perfect and clean their shoes were - no worn sneakers for these guys, they have to look brand new, or the shoes are too old.

These guys were wierd to me. Most guys I know don't really care that much about their shoes. My husband has several pairs of shoes, and for the most part, he has favorites. He loves his converse - he used to have a pair of seafoam green high tops, now he has a pair of high tops that are red and orange and tie-dyed. Pretty cool. He also picked up a pair of black and red adidas at the Goodwill that he LOVES (even if they give him no ankle support, which he needs). Mostly, he's not too picky, but it's kinda cute when he has a favorite pair - something he likes cuz they "look cool" rather than "are comfy".

Women on the other hand are very different. Sure, I have sneakers I love mostly because they are comfortable, but they're also cool looking. I'm a little picky - they have to look good enough, AND be really comfy. My other shoes mainly focus on comfort, but I'll be honest, I have some really COOL shoes - shoes that are unique and interesting. Not all that comfy, but unique.

more later..... maybe :P
12 January 2009 @ 03:43 pm
Jaime Kennedy IS Philip J. Fry. Like, for REAL. We were watching that silly coma movie of his, whatever it's called, and right after he drinks the red bull in the club, he says, "Tastes like a LASER." It's scary - for a moment, he simply IS Fry lol.

I love Futurama.
14 October 2008 @ 10:58 am

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05 October 2008 @ 07:46 pm
I keep seeing the new Windows commercial, and wow, I'm impressed. Not that it's some fabulous commercial, but for a long while now, Mac's main selling point seems to be not that they are so great, but that they aren't PC's.

Um... yeah.

They've been running a long series of commercials in which a man says "I'm a PC... " followed by some sort of exchange in which he supposedly has all sorts of problems, but the "I'm a Mac..." guy runs perfectly.

Wow - a world in which ANY computer runs perfectly? What a world - only in commercials!

The new Windows commercial has a long series of people saying "I'm a PC, and I..." followed by a comment on their life. (I wear a suit, I don't wear a suit, this is my office - points to the ocean or space stuff like that). I'm impressed. This is why - they didn't feel the ned to bad mouth or bash Macs - they just sort of stood up and said "We're PC people... and we're just people. I admire that they responded not with more of the same, but with a simple statement of LOTS of regular people use PC's (which, by the way, means Personal Computer, which I THOUGHT was what Macs were, but that's another issue).

Mac should be ashamed (and I hate to say it, but so should Justin Long - which irks me, cuz I LIKE him). When a company's main selling point is "our competitors suck" it's worse than your average politically campaign!

NO company should promote itself that way. Way back when, I used to work for a company that SUCKED. BUT - they did do one thing I admired. When company representatives came in to tell us about their products, they were NOT allowed to bash their competitors. If they wanted to tell us ALL about how great they were, awesome, we were happy to listen. Once, a Hewlett-Packard rep came in, and his whole pitch was "canon and epson suck". We asked him to leave. Told him we'd be happy to listen if he wanted to come back later and talk about HP, but we weren't interested in hearing him bad-mouth anyone else. We sold ALL the products, equally, based on customer needs, and bad-mouthing someone else's products was unproductive and downright shameful.

On that note, I'm pretty impressed that Microsoft came back with this simple commercial, showing people from all over the world, all walks of life, saying "We use PCs, and we're fine."

Well, I'm a PC, and I'm a girl geek.

Macs are fine computers, but I find it VERY interesting to note that while I Was a computer salesperson, I found that all PC people say "Macs are fine computers, but I just like PCs better, for ."

Mac people - almost without exception - would say "PCs SUCK. Macs are the only good computers!" It's interesting to note that apparently, Apple as a company says the same thing. How wierd is that?
10 September 2008 @ 08:29 pm